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Periodontal surgery in Berlin

MKG Practice Clinic Berlin-Dahlem

With a variety of therapy methods we create optimal conditions for healthy gums and a secure hold of the teeth.

Variety of therapy methods

Periodontal surgery in Berlin-Dahlem

With advanced periodontitis or unsuccessful basic therapy, additional surgical interventions are required. In the practice clinic for oral and maxillofacial surgery in Berlin, we offer a variety of therapies depending on the individual starting situation and the levil of the disease, which can be used individually or in combination as required. Our range of treatments extends from open periodontal treatment to peri-implant therapy and covering recession.

Periodontal Surgery

  • Surgical periodontal therapy
  • Peri-implant therapy
  • Recession coverage
  • Pre-prosthetic surgery

Periodontal surgery in Berlin

Avoid tooth loss with know-how and state-of-the-art procedures

If bacterial processes already lead to the breakdown of the tooth supporting structure and the bone substance, the expertise of a specialist is required. Your maxillofacial surgeon in Berlin is, thanks to his qualifications and most advanced procedures, capable of influencing bacterial processes as well as rebuilding regressed bone tissue - if the situation allows it. This is the best way to avoid tooth loss. Special therapies enable healing processes to be accelerated or even a completely natural regeneration of the tooth support system.

Surgical periodontal treatment in Berlin

Effective cleaning of hard-to-reach areas

With open periodontal therapy, areas that are difficult to access are effectively cleaned under visual control. Here we first carefully detach the diseased gums from the jawbone. Then we thoroughly clean the now exposed tooth roots. Finally, the gums are repositioned and carefully sutured. With this surgical technique, we reduce the pocket depth, eliminate inflammatory tissue changes and improve the hygienic properties of the treated tooth surfaces.

Resective periodontal surgery
Flap operations
Resective furcation therapy

Regenerative periodontal surgery
Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR) - controlled tissue regeneration
Regenerative furcation treatment with GTR

Mucogingival periodontal surgery
Recession coverage
Frenectomy (removal of a frenulum of the lips or tongue)

Periodontal surgery in Berlin: recession coverage

Stopping gums from receding - improving aesthetics

Various factors such as hereditary predisposition can cause the gingiva and the underlying tissue to recede. The receding gums not only lead to aesthetic impairments, but are usually also associated with massive hypersensitivity of the partially exposed tooth necks. If possible, we strive for complete root coverage. Different techniques are used here, depending on the characteristics. After a detailed examination, your maxillofacial surgeon in Berlin will give you comprehensive information about the best method for you.

Peri-implant therapy in Berlin

Long-term implant maintenance

The earlier it is recognized, the better the treatment: if left untreated, peri-implantitis - a bacterial inflammation of the tissue surrounding the implant - often leads to the loss of the dental implant. In the practice clinic for MKG in Berlin, we do everything we can to stop the inflammation, prevent further tissue and bone degradation and thus preserve each implant for as long as possible. Depending on the extent of the inflammation, there are various methods to choose from, from initial implant cleaning to preventive measures, if necessary with mucosal transplantation, to surgical rehabilitation.

Pre-prosthetic surgery in Berlin

Optimization of the prosthesis hold

Pre-prosthetic surgery serves to improve the prosthesis bed. A variety of methods are used in the MKG practice clinic in Berlin, depending on the specific circumstances. It may make sense to insert implants as new pillars, alternatively to deepen the oral vestibule or to correct annoying ligaments on the lips and cheeks. It is our goal to optimize the hold of the prosthesis, to eliminate impairments in language, function or aesthetics and, not least, to increase your quality of life.