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MKG-Praxisklinik Berlin-Dahlem

Up-to-date technologies enable a gentle and highly precise procedure with maximum patient safety.

Oral surgery in Berlin-Dahlem

Comprehensive orthodontic care

In the field of maxillofacial surgery, we offer a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic options in the practice clinic for MKG in Berlin-Dahlem. These include the diagnosis and treatment of jaw misalignments, sleep apnea and snoring therapy and the treatment of temporomandibular joint pain or craniomandibular dysfunction (CMD). With the Chin Wing osteotomy, your oral surgeon also uses an innovative procedure for profile optimization and harmonization of facial proportions

Maxillofacial surgery

  • Chin Wing (profile aesthetics)
  • Treatment of temporomandibular joint pain (CMD)
  • Sleep apnea and snoring therapy
  • Treatment of rubber mile
  • Orthodontic pretreatment
  • Jawbone structure
  • Traumatology (trauma surgery)

MKG in Berlin: maxillofacial surgery

Together to the best possible results

Misaligned jaws are usually associated with misaligned teeth. Close cooperation between the oral surgeon and orthodontist is therefore essential. After a joint analysis of the initial situation using 3D x-rays, images and plaster models, we create an individual therapy plan and determine the necessary operative measures. In addition to joint function, repositioning the jaw usually also improves facial aesthetics. Your maxillofacial surgeon will be happy to give you comprehensive advice on this in the practice clinic for MKG in Berlin.

Your maxillofacial surgeon in Berlin

Optimal functional and aesthetic results

Jaw misalignments are as varied as the surgical procedures for correcting dysgnathia. These cannot only impair the aesthetic appearance, but also lead to functional restrictions. With a surgical procedure at your oral surgeon in Berlin, both optimal aesthetic and functional results can be achieved. State-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic methods are used in the MKG practice clinic, which guarantee a gentle and highly precise procedure with maximum patient safety.

Profile optimization without implants and artificial bones

Oral surgery in Berlin: Chin Wing

Your oral surgeon in Berlin will help you with the chin-wing osteotomy for receding chin or asymmetries in the lower jaw to optimize the profile and harmonize the facial proportions - without artificial bones, implants and externally visible scars. With relatively little effort compared to conventional methods, the innovative procedure - previously only offered at a few clinics worldwide - can achieve natural results that exactly match your ideal ideas.

Profile optimization - Chin Wing

  • without artificial bones
  • without implants
  • with no visible scars

Sleep apnea therapy in Berlin

Oral surgical measures for long-term relief

Due to the narrowing of the pharynx, obstructive sleep apnea syndrome causes repeated dangerous pauses in breathing during sleep. In addition to non-surgical treatment methods, there is the possibility of achieving long-term relief or even permanent healing with surgical measures. A forward displacement of the lower jaw together with the adhering soft tissue structures has proven to be effective here. Conservative therapy is often sufficient. Your oral surgeon in Berlin will find the optimal solution for you after the most detailed examination.

Oral surgery: CMD treatment in Berlin

Oral surgery is usually avoidable

Treatments for CMD (craniomandibular dysfunction) require interdisciplinary cooperation. In addition to precise diagnostics and extensive medical and dental expertise, your oral surgeon in Berlin offers the entire spectrum of proven therapies. In many cases, the exact diagnosis can be made after a detailed examination - if interdisciplinary special examinations are required, those will be arranged immediately. Oral surgery can often be avoided through the optimal combination of conservative measures.