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MKG Practice Clinic Berlin-Dahlem

Referral is a matter of trust - with us you can be sure that you are in reliable and trustworthy hands. Maximum transparency is just as much a matter of course for us as the immediate referral of your patient back after completion of treatment.

MKG practice clinic in Berlin-Dahlem

We are always there for you

Based on an open collegial exchange, we support you in all matters relating to oral and maxillofacial surgery. We enrich your range of treatments with the most modern diagnostic and therapeutic procedures - consistent patient referral guaranteed. We are happy to be there for you for further training and observation as well as for all technical questions and problems.

  • 3D diagnostics
  • Therapy planning
  • Treatment implementation
  • Competent contact person
  • Advanced training
  • Observations

Hand in hand

Together for the best possible results

Intensive interdisciplinary cooperation is necessary, especially in complex cases. In addition to a comprehensive exchange of information, we offer the possibility of joint therapy planning within the framework of our patient-doctor consultation. We develop an individual treatment concept - precisely tailored to your needs and those of your patient. This is how we ensure the best possible patient care hand in hand.

Diverse range of services

Use synergies

Whether three-dimensional imaging with the most modern large-volume DVT, orthodontic pretreatment or diagnosis and therapy of temporomandibular joint pain (CMD): In the MKG practice clinic in Berlin-Dahlem we offer a diverse range of services. In this way, you enable your patients to receive comprehensive care, increase profitability and benefit from recommendations from satisfied patients.

    • Intraoral 3D scan
    • Digital volume tomography (DVT)
    • Digital surgical planning (3D simulation)
    • Minimally invasive ultrasound surgery (piezo surgery)
    • Microsurgery (magnifying glasses / surgical microscope)
    • Drilling templates (3D printing - in-house)
    • Osstell method
    • Stem cell and autologous blood therapy

    Maximum patient comfort

    Modern, high-quality treatment

    Your patients receive treatment based on the latest scientific findings at the highest medical level. Most advanced methods and technologies are used to ensure maximum patient comfort and the greatest possible safety. In addition to surgical interventions under sedation, all treatments can be carried out under general anesthesia if desired.

    • High quality treatments
    • Up-to-date diagnostic and therapeutic procedures
    • Innovative treatment concepts
    • Maximum security
    • Optimal patient comfort
    • Highest quality of service
    • Interventions under sedation / general anesthesia

    Optimal information exchange

    Transparency creates trust

    The practice clinic for MKG in Berlin is completely digitized. All data such as x-rays, findings and treatment reports are available and traceable on the PC at any time. This ensures maximum transparency, facilitates communication and enables authorized persons to exchange all relevant information quickly and easily. The immediate sending of all data is just as natural as a detailed doctor's letter after the treatment is completed.