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Oralchirurgie in Berlin

MKG-Praxisklinik Berlin-Dahlem

Careful and safe: The most modern diagnostic and therapeutic procedures guarantee optimal oral surgical care with maximum precision and safety.

Oral surgery in Berlin-Dahlem

Extensive range of oral surgery

The highest level of our safety and expertise offer a wide range of oral surgery in the practice clinic for MKG in Berlin-Dahlem. All the way from wisdom tooth removal to root tip resection and cyst removal. This also includes the a detailed pre-treament cosultation about the therapy, changes in the mucous membrane, lip frenulum operations, the acceleration of tooth position correction (Wilckodontics) and the connection and exposure of retained teeth.

Oral surgery

  • Tooth extraction / wisdom tooth
  • extraction Apicectomy
  • Orthodontic pretreatment
  • Attachment of impacted teeth
  • Exposure of retained teeth
  • Extra teeth removal
  • Corticotomy (Wilckodontics)
  • Lip frenulum surgery / diastema
  • Clarification of changes in the oral mucosa
  • Therapy of changes in the oral mucosa

Oral surgery in Berlin

Maximum precision and safety

With the latest technology, oral surgical interventions can be planned down to the smallest detail, even with the most difficult anatomical conditions. In comparison to conventional X-ray images, digital volume tomography (DVT) enables significantly more precise and meaningful diagnostics with significantly reduced radiation exposure due to the three-dimensional representation. Combined with gentle intervention techniques, oral surgical operations in the Berlin Praxisklinik für MKG can not only be carried out with maximum precision, but also as gently and safely as possible.

Orthodontic pretreatments

Various preparatory measures

In cases of pronounced jaw and tooth misalignments, surgical pretreatment for orthodontic therapy is often required. In our clinic for oral and maxillofacial surgery in Berlin, we offer a wide range of preparatory measures: from tooth exposure and the insertion of orthodontic implants to the removal of excess teeth. With a relatively small oral surgical procedure (Wilckodontics), we can also help to facilitate tooth movement and significantly accelerate tooth position corrections.

Oral surgery in Berlin: cyst removal

The earlier recognized, the easier to treat

The jaw cysts, one of the most common diseases in the oral cavity, can cause discomfort as they grow in size or cause the teeth to shift. Using three-dimensional imaging, even the smallest changes in the initial stage can be detected - and cysts can therefore be treated all the more easily. Cyst removal is not always the method of choice; larger cysts may only be incised. After a precise diagnosis, we will find the optimal solution for you in our practice clinic in Berlin.

  • Cyst removal
  • Fibroma removal
  • Salivary stone removal
  • All types of soft tissue removal

Maxillofacial surgeon in Berlin: removal of wisdom teeth

Reduce stress

The removal of wisdom teeth is carried out carefully and safely by your maxillofacial surgeon in Berlin. Digital volume tomography (DVT) is an important support here, especially if the nerves in the jaw are hard to reach and where the roots of the teeth are very branched. In addition to conventional methods, gentle procedures such as piezo surgery (cutting ultrasound technology) might be applied to remove wisdom teeth. The oral surgical procedure can thus be made much more comfortable for the patient - bleeding and postoperative complaints are also reduced to a minimum.

Oral surgery: apicectomy

Last possibility of tooth preservation

Even with the most professional root canal treatment, there is occasional renewed inflammation of the tissue at the tip of the tooth root. In this case, the root tip resection is often the best and, at the same time, often the last possibility of tooth preservation. In the practice clinic for MKG in Berlin, we remove the inflamed tooth root tip and inflammatory tissue as gently as possible. In doing so, we create the conditions for long-term tooth preservation. Costly prosthetic new treatments can often be avoided as well.