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Facial surgery in Berlin

MKG Practice Clinic Berlin-Dahlem

State-of-the-art technical equipment enables precise diagnostics and surgical planning, a three-dimensional simulation of almost all plastic and aesthetic face operations using a 3D face scanner. In this way, treatment results can be reliably determined in advance and presented to patients both realistically and clearly.

Facial surgery in Berlin-Dahlem

We take of everything

In the practice clinic for MKG in Berlin-Dahlem, we offer a wide range of facial surgery treatments: from tumor removal with subsequent reconstruction of the soft facial tissues to eyelid tightening and jaw and chin correction. Before each treatment, after a detailed examination, there is a detailed and understandable consultation. Here, an innovative simulation technique is used before aesthetic-plastic interventions, which not only creates maximum transparency in patient education, but also guarantees highly precise operation planning.

Aesthetic facial surgery in Berlin

Your face is in good hands

If all measures of conservative maintenance therapy have been exhausted, a surgical facelift is the only and best option for significant facial rejuvenation. Especially in the field of facial aesthetics - usually considered the domain of plastic surgery - unique possibilities open up thanks to the complex qualifications of the oral, maxillofacial and facial surgeon. Your specialist for MKG in Berlin has in-depth knowledge of anatomy and facial morphology, specific surgical experience and the ability to make changes to the facial cranium in addition to soft tissue corrections. The combination of soft and hard tissue surgery enables both optimal aesthetic and permanent results.

Facial surgeon in Berlin - eyelid lift and brow lift

Fresh shine for tired eyes

When time leaves its marks, the eye area, which strongly defines the facial expression, is usually also affected. Drooping eyelids or bags under the eyes affect the aesthetic appearance - the face looks tired and tense. An eyelid lift in the practice clinic for oral and maxillofacial surgery in Berlin can help. As part of an eyelid correction, we help you to have to look considerably fresher and younger. In addition, it may be necessary to raise the eyebrows (browlifting). After a comprehensive examination, we will find the optimal solution for you.

Aesthetic facial surgery

  • Facelift
  • Forehead and brow lift
  • Eyelid lift
  • Facial feminization
  • Facial masculinization

Profile improvement

  • Chin correction
  • Jaw correction
  • Chin wing plastic
  • Mandibular implants
  • Zygomatic implants

Facial surgery in Berlin - facial feminization

Body and soul in harmony

Feel good in your own skin. Whether forehead modeling, jaw or chin narrowing: various surgical procedures for facial feminization reduce masculine facial features and give your face a softer, more feminine appearance. We help to bring your appearance into harmony with your inner self-perception. You will definately feel even more self-confident than you used to fell ever before.

Facial feminization

  • Forehead modeling
  • Cheekbone modeling
  • Narrowing of the jaw
  • Chin narrowing

Wrinkle treatment with PRP in Berlin - Vampire Lifting

Rejuvenation for your skin

No surgery, no synthetic ingredients: PRP therapy - also known as vampire lifting - can be carried out quickly on an outpatient basis and is a minimally invasive method for wrinkle treatment and skin rejuvenation. We use a special process: platelet-rich plasma is separated from your own blood and then injected into the affected skin tissue. This combination of bioactive blood cells stimulates the skin's own regeneration, activates the formation of new skin cells and promotes the body's own collagen production. As a result your skin looks fresher, firmer and younger.

Wrinkle treatment in Berlin

Look younger without surgery

We apply a variety of wrinkle treatment methods that help you to look fresh and tighten your facial contours. In the Berlin practice clinic for oral and maxillofacial surgery, various combinable methods and active ingredients are used, from botox to hyaluronic acid fillers to skin boosters. A thread lifting (soft lifting) causes additional skin tightening and stimulation of the body's own collagen production. The result: a natural, long-lasting rejuvenation effect - without any surgery.

  • Thread lifting (soft lifting)
  • Vampire lifting (PRP therapy)
  • Treatment with hyaluronic acid
  • Treatment with botulinum toxin
  • Skin booster