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Implantology in Berlin

MKG Practice Clinic Berlin-Dahlem

Everything is taken care of; all in one day: from 3D intraoral scans to digital implant planning and in-house production of the surgical guideinimum reduziert.

Implants in Berlin: digital workflow

Maximum precision and maximum patient comfort

Implants offer the best possible solution in the event of tooth loss, both from a functional and aesthetic point of view. In the practice clinic for OMF in Berlin-Dahlem, advanced digital technologies ensure fast and safe implant restoration with predictable, aesthetically pleasing and optimal results. We carry out all steps from digital implant planning to in-house production of the drilling template, if required, within the shortest possible time. The computer-aided procedure enables a less invasive surgical procedure for the insertion of the implants - this reduces the risk of bleeding and swelling as well as damage to nerves and neighboring teeth.


  • Intraoral 3D scan
  • Digital volume tomography (DVT)
  • Digital surgical planning (3D simulation)
  • Drilling templates - navigated implantology
  • 3D printing (in-house)
  • Simple implantation with and without bone augmentation
  • Immediate implantation
  • Osstell method

Jawbone structure

  • Sinus lift / sinus floor elevation in the maxillary
  • sinus Bone transplants (enorally / extraorally from the iliac crest)
  • Bone apposition with own bone and bone substitute material
  • Bone Spreading
  • Bone Splitting
  • Socket preservation
  • Distraction osteogenesis (new bone formation)

Implantology in Berlin: jawbone augmentation

Gentle and accelerated bone formation

We use a variety of methods to build up the jawbone before and during the insertion of implants in our clinic in Berlin-Dahlem. For accelerated bone regeneration, methods we use both promote bone formation (e.g. PRP or stem cells) and do not damage the bone - such as piezo surgery based on gentle ultrasonic vibrations. If possible, we use the patient's own bone to restore the jaw volume - sometimes it makes sense to add bone substitute material.

Implantology in Berlin: Sinus lift

Secure hold of the implants

The maxillary sinus is often a limiting anatomical structure for a treatment with implants in the upper jaw. If there is insufficient bone supply to the maxillary sinus, the floor of the maxillary sinus must be raised (sinus lift). With the sinus lift, your maxillofacial surgeon ensures that the implants be held securely. With the currently the most advanced procedure, the sinus lift surgery and the implantation can be carried out in just one session. This means that repeated interventions are unnecessary which shortens the treatment time.

Implants in Berlin-Dahlem: All-on-4

Fixed dentures in the shortest possible time

Based on four special dental implants, the innovative all-on-4 procedure enables the edentulous jaw to be supplied with fixed and immediately resilient dentures - within a few hours and without complex augmentations. In case of extreme bone loss in the upper jaw, particularly stable zygomatic implants (zygoma implants) are used. In the practice clinic for OMF in Berlin, implant-supported dentures can be provided in just one day, even in extremely difficult cases.

Zygoma implants in Berlin

Fixed teeth in just one day

If a permanent denture is desired, the last option is the supply of zygoma implants for patients with pronounced atrophy in the upper jaw. The complex operation performed under general anesthesia by our very experienced surgeon. Specially designed for fixation in the zygomatic bone, zygoma implants can be used in the OMF-Praxisklinik in Berlin as part of an operation without prior bone formation and usually loaded directly with a temporary denture. In addition to significantly reduced treatment and healing times, patients benefit from reduced postoperative complaints, risks and treatment costs.

implants in Berlin: 3D planning and navigated implantology

Precise planning and implementation of the implantation

Navigated implantology - a further development of conventional implantology - enables a gentle, safe and highly precise procedure. This method simultaneously shortens the duration of treatment. After a three-dimensional scan of the teeth in the upper and lower jaw, a 3D X-ray is first made. Then, with the help of software, we virtually determine the optimal implant position in the jaw in relation to the opposing teeth. Based on this data, we manufacture a custom-fit drilling template directly in the practice clinic for OMF in Berlin-Dahlem. This means that the virtual 3D planning is implemented one-to-one in reality during the procedure. The supply of implants is always carried out in close interdisciplinary cooperation with the treating dentist - this is the only way to achieve the best possible results that exactly match the individual wishes.